What’s in my beach bag…

Today’s post is all about what I bring to the beach or pool. Let’s dive right in!


I use this super cute bag from Victoria’s Secret. Btooth got it free with her swim purchase and gave it to me. It reminds me of 90’s Barbie-she had a plastic clear purse in the same color! The only downfall to this bag? the straps hurt when you’re carrying it, but oh well, it’s big and I can shove a lot of stuff in it. You have to stay hydrated when you’re out in the sun all day and I like to mix it up from regular water-this time I had an Argo Tea (I love the Carolina Honey and Hibiscus Sangria ones), an almond milk caramel iced coffee, and a beer. (Okay, the beer wasn’t actually mind, but some people do like having beer at the beach. I don’t really care for beer, I’m more of a champs kinda gal.) I love to lay out, so I have to have sunscreen. My favorite brand is Hawaiian Tropic. You have to have snacks at the beach and this year, we were loving sweet potato chips! A big floppy hat is another must have-the one I wore was by Ralph Lauren. My fun printed coverup is from Target. Last two items may be the most important ones, my nook that is always fully charged and ready for a day at the beach. This year on vacation I read American Honey, Before I Fall, and That Night (reviews will be up for each!) You may notice that there’s something on my beach towel that looks like Barbie. You are correct, that is a Barbie plastic clutch that I use to put the beauty products I need at the beach! Inside is a nail file, hair ties, bobbypins, eye drops, female products, and I also store my phone in there so it stays dry and away from the sand! Not pictured is my SPF 15 lip balm, I keep that in the cooler. I hope to hit the beach at least one more time before the end of summer, so if there’s something I must add to my beach bag, let me know down below, xo!


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