Guest Post-Fashionista on a Budget!

Today’s post is brought to you by my girl, Aven. Her and I email A LOT about fashion and her new book features a fashionista, so who’s better than her to takeover today to give you some fashion tips! Take it away, Aven, xo!

Fashionista on a Budget (Yes, it CAN be done!)

In my latest novel, Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista, the heroine Avery Andrews loves fashion. She follows the industry and trends, appreciates the fine fit of a designer piece, she knows what makes a quality shoe.

However, our heroine finds her taste in fashion doesn’t quite match the paycheck provided by her employer, Premier Airlines.

So what is the chic urban woman to do?

Learn to be a Fashionista on a budget.

Yes, you can do this.  I’m a Fashionista myself, so I will give you my tips on how to get those killer boots without paying full price for them.

The first thing I suggest you do is find three or four shops that you really love and try to purchase your wardrobe from them. Go to the stores, try on the clothing, and make your choices based by the lines that flatter and fit you best. By doing this you create a look for yourself. My wardrobe consists of pieces from Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, and Banana Republic, with a few things from Target and JC Penney thrown in.  I have friends tell me, “I saw this shirt the other day, and it was so YOU!” That’s because you are creating a look that people will identify with you, and that is easy to accomplish when purchasing from a few labels.

So how does this help you save money?

Now that you have your four shops, sign up for their email list. You are now notified of every sale they have, which leads me to this piece of advice: Only purchase when they are having a 40 percent off or greater sale. You heard me. Now this part is hard, because you will be tempted by 20 percent off if you see an item and fall in love with it, but you must stay strong and resist. If you miss it before 40 percent off rolls around, I chalk that up as it wasn’t meant to be. But 40 percent comes around quite often, and I have been able to build an entire wardrobe from this method.

Now make a list of things you need, and only shop from that list. I do primary wardrobe shopping twice a year: fall/winter and spring/summer. That’s it, unless a key piece needs replacing (jeans that suddenly wear out, a T-shirt, etc.) This year my fall wardrobe replenishment includes a dark denim shirt, a cropped sweater, and an animal print shirt to layer with a striped sweater. Look at your wardrobe and take inventory. Make a mix-and-match outfit list and I guarantee you won’t need as much as you think you do. I got myself a pretty notebook at a bookstore, and I actually cut out pictures from fashion magazines of looks I like, tape them inside, and consult that when making my wish list for the upcoming season. Once this is done, I wait for the 40 percent or greater sales to hit and then I shop.

And I can successfully say I’m a Fashionista—on a budget.


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