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Well since today is my big 3-0, here’s the final update…well kinda. When I wrote my #30before30 I had every intention of getting everything on the list done, but then stuff popped up and I didn’t finish it. So the rest of this list will now be referred to the #30while30. I will add a few more things to it as I go along and I pinky promise I’ll complete it by my 31st or 29th ( I may go backwards on my next birthday, we’ll see) But for now check out what was done below, xo!

1_Go to a diner, a drive-in, and a dive. As seen on the hit show “Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives”Diner-done, Eveready-it’s right down the road and one of my faves.

2_Drive out of the state of New York. Done 7.18.13!

3_Do karaoke at a bar.

4_Skip a rock. Done 6.24.14!

4_Take a yoga class.

5_Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

6_Learn how to french braid.  Done, 5.31.14! No picture or post. I wouldn’t say I’m a master of the french braid, but hey I can do one for someone else!

7_Get a makeover.

8_Take the Sex and the City city tour and pose of Carrie’s steps.

9_Learn how to properly use chopsticks. Done! I’ve practiced a lot so I don’t have an exact date, but I’m a chopstick master now!

10_Learn the choreography for I’m A Slave 4 U music video.

11_Get a brazilian wax.

12_Take a cooking class.  Done, 5.16.14!

13_Learn to ice skate and roller skate, well.  is now, be more flexible and able to do a split again.

14_Find my signature shade of lipstick.

15_Get individual false eyelashes applied.

16_Film and send in mine and babytooth’s The Amazing Race audition tape.

17_Go geocaching.  Done, 5.26.14!

18_Domain my blog and get better at learning how much more I can actually do with it.

19_Get my eyebrows threaded.

20_Clean out my closet & keep it clean.  Done 7.5.14! I don’t have any pictures, but I went for it and got 3 bags of clothes to donate out of it! I also decided that I was on a role and cleaned and organized my whole room. Phew, it was a good day!

21_Go on a local wine tour.

22_Learn the French alphabet.

23_Complete a month of CrossFit. Okay, I kinda cheated by just adding this one when my month of CF is almost up, but I honestly never thought I could do it. I amaze myself each time I enter the box. *Shoutout to my girls-btooth & MK, I couldn’t do it without you and I’m SO proud of both of you!! Done! I actually did two months of CF!!

24_See Phantom on Broadway.

25_Make cotton candy.

26_Teach Zoey how to jump on the bed.  is now get a tattoo.

27_Do the touristy NYC thing.

28_Get a facial.

29_Learn to make candles.

30_Get a mammogram.

instagram; kmp718 | twitter; @kmpevents | pinterest; kmp718


*PS-no fiveday post today, cause as you’re reading this I’m on the beach with my 7 closest friends celebrating my #20plus10. Next week, I’m away on vacation, so there will be a few regular posts, except no fiveday. HUGE birthday/vaca recap will be up the week of the 28th. Until next time, XO!