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Beach Playlist

Here’s what I’m currently listening to while I’m laying on the beach;

  • really don’t care by demi lovato feat. cher lloyd
  • strawberry bubblegum by jt
  • what makes you beautiful by 1d
  • tom ford by jayz
  • under the boardwalk
  • knock three times
  • rude by magic
  • where’s the party at? by jagged edge feat. nelly
  • overprotected by britney
  • love you like a love song by selena gomez
  • anything could happen by ellie goulding
  • waves by mr. probz
  • all about that by meghan trainor
  • nothing ever happens by rachel platten
  • u don’t have to call by usher
  • summer love by jt

Let me know what songs you’re feeling for Summer cause I’m always ready to add some music to my playlists, xo!


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Fiveday before a 3 day weekend = happiness!

Hey pretty people! Hope you had a fab week. Mine was good, went by a little slow, but hey it’s FINALLY Friday & I have no work Monday, so no complaints here! Not to much on deck this weekend, maybe a little geocaching aka checking another thing off my 30 before 30, but you know that I’ll be rooting on my Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals game 4. Catch ya’ll Monday, xo! *warning LOTS of food pics ahead…get-attachment.aspx

Nothing like a full rainbow on a rainy, gloomy day!get-attachment.aspx



Sweet treat from a co-worker that hit the spot.


This mid week dessert has become my new favorite.


Dani’s egg bake and an iced coffee, it was a good Thursday morning.



My gorgeous babygirl.

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This just proves…

that I’m a procrastinator. If you’ve been following my “journey” of a 30 before 30, well then I feel sorry for you. Cause I’ve literally done 30% of this list-okay, I’m awful at math…25%?15%?, let’s call it like it is…next to nothing. It’s almost May and that means I have to get my ass into gear. I will be posting an update every 2 weeks until my 30th in hopes to not embarrass myself again.

1_Go to a diner, a drive-in, and a dive. As seen on the hit show “Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives” Diner-done, Eveready-it’s right down the road and one of my faves.

2_Drive out of the state of New York. Done 7.18.13!

3_Do karaoke at a bar.

4_Wear a bikini and not be self-conscious.

4_Take a yoga class.

5_Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

6_Learn how to french braid.

7_Get a makeover.

8_Take the Sex and the City city tour and pose of Carrie’s steps.

9_Learn how to properly use chopsticks. Done! I’ve practiced a lot so I don’t have an exact date, but I’m a chopstick master now!

10_Learn the choreography for I’m A Slave 4 U music video.

11_Get a brazilian wax.

12_Take a cooking class.

13_Learn to ice skate and roller skate, well.  is now, be more flexible and able to do a split again.

14_Find my signature shade of lipstick.

15_Get individual false eyelashes applied.

16_Film and send in mine and babytooth’s The Amazing Race audition tape.

17_Go geocaching.

18_Domain my blog and get better at learning how much more I can actually do with it.

19_Get my eyebrows threaded.

20_Clean out my closet & keep it clean.

21_Go on a local wine tour.

22_Learn the French alphabet.

23_Learn to make sushi. is now complete a month of CrossFit. Okay, I kinda cheated by just adding this one when my month of CF is almost up, but I honestly never thought I could do it. I amaze myself each time I enter the box. *Shoutout to my girls-btooth & MK, I couldn’t do it without you and I’m SO proud of both of you!!

24_See Phantom on Broadway.

25_Make cotton candy.

26_Teach Zoey how to jump on the bed.  is now get a tattoo.

27_Do the touristy NYC thing.

28_Get a facial.

29_Learn to make candles.

30_Get a mammogram.

If you have any tips, tricks, or encouraging words to help me get this list done, please share, xo!

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Get Unready With Me!


First, I remove all of my eye make up with my favorite makeup wipes, Maybelline Fresh Clean. Then I use the Olay Out of this Swirled wash with my cute little Olay face scrubber.

For reviews of each of the Olay products, head over here & here.


Next up, I use the Clean and Clear acne serum on my trouble spots, aka my chin area. Then I follow up with this night repair cream I got from CVS. I’m still in the market for a night cream, so if you know of any good ones, let me know!



Finally, I brush my teeth with my favorite toothpaste combo, the new Crest 3D white brilliance and brilliance boost.



Then it’s time for pjs, a good book, oh and night time fresh faced selfies of course, xo!






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Fiveday Valentine’s Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! I hope you all are having a good day, no matter if you’re celebrating or not. Fun weekend coming up with a reward macaroon date with MK tomorrow and then a wine tasting dinner with the girls & maybe an art show Sunday. I’ll be back at my DIY febYOUary posts this Tuesday, work got a little hectic this past week, so just bear (bare….which one is it?!) with me. Extra xs & os to you today!

Linking up with Lauren!

I’ve decided I’d like to change the name of my blog. I want to domain it and become an actual .com and and most variations of it are taken. So I think it’s time I figure out a new name. keep calm & blog on was actually just a working title when I started this bad boy and I never thought of anything better to call it. So weigh in here and help me figure out a new name…or let me know if you think I should change the name at all…Okay into my five things!

Photo on 2014-02-14 at 09.10

It’s crazy what actually I can look like when I take time getting ready and am not rushing. Thanks extra 12 inches of snow for forcing me to be late for work  😉


Zoey likes the snow, but it’s getting to be hard for her to get around in.


The number of squats MK & I did in the last 30 days…#brazilianbuttsherewecome


I had a terrible, no good, very bad day on Wednesday that started with me spilling a latte on my uggs. Anyone have any tips for getting stains out?!?!


Heart shaped peanut M&M <3.

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