nail polish wish list

nail polish wish list
I’ve decided that I want to own at least one bottle from each of the brands above. The colors may not be exactly what I want, but you get the picture. So, if you’re in the giving mood, here’s 10 ideas on what I’d like 😉 xo!
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Sephora wish list!

wish list

Urban Decay face powder
$36 –

I’d like all of these things ASAP, please. K, thanks, bye, xo!
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thank god it’s fiveday!

This week has taken FOR-EV-ER. I had something going on every night this week after work, from Crossfit to froyo to study group to a sissy date night. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with Dawn to plan our up coming trip to visit Sara and my cousin Nick! Not much going on this weekend, but fingers crossed that something exciting comes up. Catch you loves Monday, xo!

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OMG. I fell in love at Sephora last night with an amazing makeup artist, Tre. Look at those brows…!


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I love this girl more than words.


cutest dog in the world.


bbq chicken salad back at Panera = happy sissys

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Want List!

I’ve always been a sucker for sets and deals. So when I stumbled on Sephora the other day I found some of the best deals, which naturally meant I had to put together a want list. Take a peak at what I’m in the market for, xo!


This Sephora limited edition box is Summer for your lips and nails. Can’t get much better than that and for only $25!


I plan on buying these Friday to go with my birthday outfit! And for $35.50, they’re absolutely perfect!-I just had to throw these wedges in the mix as well. Random, but so damn pretty!


I’ve always wanted to try these 3 products and what better way then to grab them in tester sizes in this box set for $18!


No better way to travel with perfume than these cute little guys. 6 tester’s for $24 and they smell like Summer!


This set has to be the motherlode of them all. Look at all the luxe products you get samples of for $45! This would be fabulous to bring on vacation, it has everything you could possible need!


I mean, who doesn’t want more Summer nail colors. Nails, Inc hooks you up for $25!


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