Spring Accessories.

These past few days with more light have gotten me into the spring mood, so I’m looking forward to taking some fashion risks in the upcoming season. The first one is Turbans and headpieces..(which I call headgear..) Kourtney Kardashian recently wore a turban on a past episode of KKTM and I’ve been itching to wear one myself.


(Side story, for the past couple of Tuesdays, I’ve been taking a scarf and wrapping it on my head for “Turban Tuesday” I am not making fun of anyone’s culture, I really dig this look.) But I’m thinking it’s time I stop making my own and look into getting some real ones.



As far as the headgear goes, I didn’t hop on the bandwagon when it happened last spring, but I still see celebs rocking it, so why can’t I? My fave look is the one Khloe Kardashian wears, like this one below.



I love Khloe and all of the things she wears, I have a huge girl crush on her!!

I also will be continuing to wear scarves this spring. It’s a trend I’ve been loving all winter, I feel it gives life to any outfit and I instantly feel put together when I throw one on.



I’m thinking prints and bold colors will be the way to take this trend all the way to summer.

What are you all feeling for Spring accessories?! Let me know, I’m feeling really ready to start taking some more risks in the fashion department..Xo.


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