If you frequent my blog, then you know I’m a nail polish addict. Like we’re talking obsessed, I give myself a matching mani/pedi every Sunday and start planning my next color on Friday. This week I decided to paint my nails & toes Ranger blue on Saturday before the game to give my boys luck. Essie’s Butler Please is the perfect Ranger blue.

But it’s awful. My nails rarely chip and yes, I do dishes. I use the best top coat out there, Seche Vite fast dry. I had to touch up tons of chips not even 24 hours later. I don’t know what it is. Is it the formula? I don’t think so, it goes on nicely. Is it my nails? No. I’m not trying to sound cocky, but it’s not them. I know this because I have let more than one more person borrow my bottle and they have the same issue. Is it my bottle? Nope, I have some girlfriends that also have it and same damn thing. It just sucks. So basically what I’m trying to say is;
Butler Please is the worst.
Xo, a very loyal customer who will continue to spend $8 on a bottle even if I had a bad experience.

4 thoughts on “RANT

    • It’s ridiculous, right?! So pissed, it chipped on my toes too! I’m actually taking it off now. I hope they realize that it was a terrible formula! Thanks for stopping by, xo!

      • I started painting my nails the other day with this color and about 2 nails in I was like… no, I am not going through this again! Reformulate, essie!

      • I started reading reviews and a lot of people had the same problem. Definitely time to reformulate!! I tweeted them my review, hope they read it!

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