“I think I should be the Bachelorette…”

(I totally said that to my dad at the beginning of the show…you get to meet hot guys, get a killer (free!) wardrobe, and get to travel the world…hello, where do I sign up?!)

So, last night I got hooked on this year’s Bachelorette. I knew it was going to happen cause right around 4pm on Sunday, I started getting excited. I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for this show. I even joined a Bachelorette fantasy league and made a bracket to see if I can win. I’m completely hooked. If you also can’t get enough, follow these two ladies on twitter; https://twitter.com/Possessionista & https://twitter.com/BachelorExpert and also check out their blogs in the links.

Here’s my mini recap of the show;

I loved Desiree on Sean’s season of the Bachelor. I was rooting for her the whole time, then her brother had to get involved and ruin everything. So when they announced Des as the new B’ette, I was so pumped. I really hope she finds her prince and they live happily ever after..that being said, let’s get onto it. My heart melted when Ben’s son got out of the limo. He was precious and I really like that he introduced her right away and put it out there. I’m totally not a kid person either, I like my friend’s kids and that’s about it. Zak W. really bugs me, I’m bummed he stayed. The guy who kept wanting to take her to the fantasy suite just didn’t get the hint, I’m glad she shoved him into a white van. I’m pretty pleasantly surprised about how many cute guys there is this season. My fave thing about the show has to be texting my family members during it and discussing it. It’s def a fam favorite amongst us! If you wanna get in on the B’ette chat, leave me a comment about what you thought of the premier. It’s gonna be a great season! Cya all manana, xo!


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