Happy Friday, loves! As happy I am that the weekend is finally on the horizon, today’s my boss’ last day and I’m absolutely miserable that I won’t see her every weekday. I can’t tell you how amazing she is, I haven’t been in my industry for long (it’ll be a year in April), but the amount she’s taught me in this time has been unbelievable. I don’t think I would’ve lasted as long as I have without her. We have a pool going of what time I’ll call her Monday morning. Lots of hockey this weekend with a Batman Bday party on Saturday, I can’t wait, xo!

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A low-key Saturday night meal with Monica included two things I’ve never had before. Raw clams & stuffed peppers.



My new favorite piece of jewelry; Canadian dime earrings. ps. A huge congrats to my favorite player for winning a gold medal for his country to finish out the Olympics.

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Went to the Culinary with the girls Wednesday for a French feast. There was not one thing that I wouldn’t eat again. I tried so many things I’ve never had ie, Monkfish Stew, Date Cake, Duck Confit and so much more. It was a magical dinner.


MK & I did some damage at Target, but we stopped for a quick treat of bubble tea (another first for me…I’m obsessed now.) and a waffle. Our mall has a What A Waffle. We chose to share one with nutella, marshmallow topping, and banana. OMG heavenly.


Treated myself to a fax present and upgraded to an iPhone 5. I opted for the gold and am madly in love with her.


ps. have you voted to help me pick a dress for my next Red Carpet Style post? No, well whatcha waiting for! Head over here!



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A book in review.



“Too Consumed” is book #2 of the Consumed Series. 

“Consumed” is book #1 of the Consumed Series.

“Forever Consumed” book #3 is Coming Soon.

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.

Olivia did the impossible…

She tamed the over-confident Casanova, Seth Marc, turning him into a one woman Romeo. With Seth’s first professional fight coming up, she does her best to keep him focused and driven…even if that means withholding sex from him. As sexual tensions rise, so do past discrepancies the couple thought buried, putting extra stress on both their romantic and professional lives. Stuck in the center of the action, Olivia and Seth fight for air as they collide face first with the tough world of professional MMA.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I was so excited when I got the email that Too Consumed was out and ready to be reviewed. I loved the first one so I was excited to dive back int Olivia and Seth’s world. It picked up right when the last story left off. This sequel made me fall back into a world of sex, MMA, and ups & downs. 

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Skyla Madi:

A Book In Review.


Brief Summary:

Brynne Ropert and Portland Dolish have been best friends since being paired as roommates in college. Seven years later they are now twenty-five, married, and living in Maine–– but the two women couldn’t be more different. Brynne finds fulfillment in her life as a wife, mother and owner of a small café and bookshop, but is struggling to expand her family. Portland is still coping with her mother’s death during her childhood, and her marriage is unraveling before her eyes. Portland envies her friend’s seemingly stable and easy life while Brynne doesn’t understand the growing distance between them and cannot begin to guess what secret Portland is hiding about her husband and crumbling marriage. While one woman feels shut out, the other enters into a web of lies to protect herself.

A Questionable Friendship explores what really makes someone a true friend, a support system, a sister. How much trust goes into a friendship and when is being a friend not enough? Brynne and Portland’s story will attempt to answer those questions, and show that happily ever after isn’t in the cards for everyone.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I actually had the privilege of beta reading this book before Samantha the author, did her final edit and publishing. I was more than honor to be chosen to do this so once the book was released I knew I had to do a review. I loved this book. It tells the true story of what happens in a friendship when you think everything is perfect. It’s a story of friendship and internal relationships with yourself. It saddened me that at times while reading about how the girls viewed one another’s lives, I thought about how I view my own friend’s lives and it’s unfair to judge them cause you never will know the whole story. I think I enjoyed this book so much because of that, it gets you thinking. Almost every woman I know has been guilty of doing that one time or another. Samantha has a great way of connecting the story to real life situations that woman go through, she’s an amazing story teller. I highly recommend this 5 star book as a book club book or to anyone who likes a novel that gets you thinking, xo!

About the Author:

Samantha March is an author, editor, publisher, blogger, and all around book lover. She runs the popular book/women’s lifestyle blog ChickLitPlus, which keeps her bookshelf stocked with the latest reads and up to date on all things health, fitness, fashion, and celebrity related. In 2011 she launched her independent publishing company Marching Ink and has three published novels – Destined to Fail, The Green Ticket and A Questionable Friendship. When she isn’t reading, writing, or blogging, you can find her cheering for the Green Bay Packers. Samantha lives in Iowa with her husband and Vizsla puppy.